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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Body language - all around


There are some things I need to clarify about body language before you continue reading. First of, do not assume just because someone crosses their arms, their withholding them selves, maybe it's just cold. Or because they're rubbing their eyes, their lying, maybe their just tired. We will cover a few different areas of body language: The Voice, The Arms, The Legs, The Eyes, The Mouth, Eyes, Handshakes, and some other miscellaneous (but important) topics. To help you visualize some signs, I will include images of famous politicians and celebrities making these signs.

Body Language Fallacies and Warnings

Here are a few fallacies and warning about Body Language:
  • Do not use eye direction to determine what the subject is thinking. Eye position varies from person to person.
  • Although Lie To Me is a good source to learn some single signs, it is a bit over dramatized for a good television.
  • This list is mainly for people living in Europe and America, in places like the Middle East and Asia, some of these signs vary.


These signs are sometimes the body trying to create a barrier between you and them, usually because they defensive or closed to you They could be defensive because they feel you are being threatening, or aggressive. Barriers could be arms crossed over the body, or placing a cup or any other object between you and the subject.

Self-comfort / Auto-contact

These signs are the body trying to comfort it's self, usually because they feel insecure, unhappy, or unsafe. They may also feel nervous or bored, it's depends on context and other signs to determine the meaning.


The intentional use of body language to deceive or manipulate others. For example, if a murder kills their wife, he will not likely smile about it, to hide the fact that he killed her. It portrays false feelings.


Alpha Signals are signs that are made by subjects that feel superior to everyone in the room. They fell as though they are an alpha in a room of betas. The project arrogant and condescending emotions.


Mirroring, in body language refers to when your subject is subconsciously copying another body language. They often do this when they feel comfortable around them. And sometime attracted. This doesn't mean that is someone is mirroring they are attracted to you, they may just feel comfortable around you. To tell if someone is mirroring you, compare your body language. If you share many similar signs, such as body positing, arm position, and so on, then they may be mirroring you. To be sure they are mirroring you, try moving you body around. Maybe lean back, reposition your arm. If they copy, they are likely mirroring you. You can also make people feel more open in a conversazione, and feel more trusted by purposely mirroring them.

The Arms

Crossed arms with fists

This is partially a barrier sign and partially hostile. The clenched fists may indicate aggression or stubbornness.

Other Meanings:
  • Defensiveness
  • Reluctance
  • Coldness

Gripping Upper Arms

Whether it's crossed arms while gripping upper arm, or arm across body, this is usually a self comforting sign. This is like the body hugging it's self, to reassure itself about an unpleasant feeling. It can also be a barrier signal, depending on the context and other body language.

Other Meanings:
  • Defensiveness
  • Nervousness
  • Coldness
  • Insecurity

Hands clasped behind body

This stance is used to show confidence, or authority. You usually see people which are superior to most making this gesture, such as presidents, teachers, and officers.
Other Meanings:
  • Readiness

Height of elbow while on phone

Generally, the higher someone put their elbow while on the phone, the more superior they feel. Most people put their elbow almost against their body when on the phone, but a high elbow may mean arrogance.

Other Meanings:
  • Alpha

More Common Barriers

There are many barriers that humans use. Remember, there may also be other reasons for these. For example, a girl may put her bag in front of her to protect it from theft. Or may man may simple be adjusting his watch because it's too tight. remember to check for other signs.

  • Putting a hand bag in front of the body.
  • Holding papers or folder across chest.
  • Holding a drink in front of the body. More likely if using both hands.
  • Adjusting a watch or other items across the body.
  • Hands covering genital area. [An instinct to prevent from threats]
  • Hands covering the neck. [An instinct to prevent from threats]
  • Moving a cup or other object in between you and the subject.
  • Touching, scratching, holding shoulder across the body.
  • use they feel insecure, unhappy, or unsafe. They may also feel nervous or bored, it's depends on context and other signs to determine the meaning.

The Hands

Palms opened/up

This sign as many meanings, and it relies on context you figure out what they mean. If many cases, it is an attempt to show honesty or submissiveness. It may have evolved to show that we do not hold a weapon and we are no threat. It may also mean that you don't know, kind of showing that your hands are empty, and you don't have an answer. This gesture is no so subliminal like many others are, so it may just be a mask.
Other Meanings
  • Attempted Trustworthiness
  • Not guilty

Palms opened/forward (The "Stop" Sign)

This sign is a defensive sign. It's usually made when the subject want someone or something to stop. This sign is usually made with the palm facing the person or things they wish would stop, but it may be made subconsciously by the side of the body. Seeing someone making this sign from afar usually means they are in some sort of argument, or are annoyed and fed up with someone.

Other Meanings
  • Slow down
  • Greeting

Hand over Heart

This sign is usually a conscious, or at least partially conscious, sign. The subject uses it to show they they are seeking to be believe, whether they are lying or not.
Other Meanings
  • Chest Pains
  • Could be meant as a barrier, if closer to the neck

Finger Point

This is a sign of aggression. It generally point at the person or object the subject is angered at. People they hold positions of high authority will often do a 2 fingered point to attempt to intimidate their "opponent". Politicians will also try to refrain from pointing, but will point with their thumb to hide it. This is very commonly done by Obama.
Other Meanings
  • Alpha
  • Signalling someone
  • Emphasis
  • Illustration

Clenched Fists

This is most commonly a sign of aggression, or defense. If someone is feeling threatened, or offended, they make fists as to prepare to fight. The meaning all depends on context though.
Other Meanings:
  • Resistance
  • Determination
  • Coldness

Thumbs in Clenched Fists

This sign is generally made to be self comforting, holding your own body part.
Other Meanings:
  • Security
  • Frustration

The Claw

This is a sign of arrogance. The hand is in a claw-like shape, halfway between a fist and a completely opened hand. It is usually meaning that the subject feels superior to everyone in the room, like an alpha. They have a pretty high self confidence.
Other Meanings
  • Alpha
  • Signalling someone
  • Emphasis

Hand Chop

This is when the subject moves their hands in a chopping like motion while speaking. This sign maybe be condescending. If the fingers are together, this is usually an alpha signal, and is condescending. If the fingers are opened, it is more beta and inferior.
Other Meanings:
  • Alpha/Beta
  • Emphasis

Prayer Hand Chop

This is when the subject has their hands in prayer formation, and moves them in a chopping motion while speaking. This is a very condescending gesture.
Other Meanings:
  • Alpha

Finger Pointing in Air

This sign generally used for emphasis, by people of higher authority.

Other Meanings:
  • Signalling

Finger Wagging

This sign is a meaning for warning.

Knuckle Cracking

This is sometimes a means to draw attentions to oneself.

Other Meanings:
  • Preparation
  • Comforting Habit

Signs of Deceit (Manipulators)

These are some signs that generally imply fabrication or lying, but be wary as they may just be coincidence. Many of these signs are done to hide blushing/blood flow, as lying increases blood flow and causes redness.

  • Touching Mouth/Face
  • Touching/Itching Nose
  • Tugging Ear
  • Rubbing Eye

The Legs

Leg Position

The direction of the legs most generally signifies the area the subject is paying attention to. Legs pointed towards the door usually means they want to leave, or pointed at the window means they are focused on somethings out the windows. Make sure you also note where their torso is facing and their feet.
Other Meanings:
  • Weird Sitting Position

Uncrossed Legs

This sign usually shows openness in the subject. Crossed legs usually means a sense of a closed attitude.

Other Meanings:
  • Relaxing

Parallel Straight Legs

When some, usually female, sits in with their legs strait and parallel, they are usually conveying a sing of proneness.

Crossed Legs

This is sometimes a sign of a closed attitude. If someones legs suddenly change to this position, the may suddenly have felt a sense of threat, discomfort, or disinterest.
Other Meanings:
  • Barrier (especially if arms are crossed, or fists are clenched)
  • Uncomfortable Seat

Intertwined Legs

When the subject's (Main Girls) legs are cross, and one legged is sort of wrapping around the other, this is either crossed logs above, or flirting. It take other signs to be able to tell. This is a very sexual sign, suggesting flirting or attraction.

Other Meanings:
  • Crossed Legs

Shoe Play

When the subject is playing with her feet or shoes, such as slipping the show of the foot and back on, this suggest sexual attraction, or flirting.

Other Meanings:
  • Relaxation
  • Hot

Figure-4 Crossed Legs

When one legs is crossed over or under the other leg to form figure 4, this is usually a sign of independence, or stubbornness. It can be seen as a form of a barrier, but more of a barrier separating you from the subject.

Other Meanings:
  • Alpha
  • Resistance

Sitting Open Legs

This is a generally arrogant sign. It means the subject is feeling confident and dominant. This exposes the genitalia so is rarely done in formal situations, but if it is, then the subject either very arrogant or ignorant.
Other Meanings:
  • Alpha
  • Resistance

Standing Legs Apart

This is a sign for readiness. The subject is ready for action, whether it be a fight or work. But this sign more commonly means an aggressive readiness. Fists or hands on the hips can support the aggressiveness.

Other Meanings:
  • Aggression

Standing at Attention

This is means a military stance, legs straight, arms straight, and body upright. This is usually demonstrated my military personal and learned from the military. This is a sign of respect for someone in authority.

Ankles Locked

This is a barrier sign, a sign of defensiveness.

Other Meanings:
  • Boredom

Any Questions?


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Advices for women

Over my years I've developed a set of rules for myself that I figured I can share with everyone here. Seems that with every new girl I get myself into along comes new rules with new things I learn and the mistakes I made. I'm not a expert, but anyway, le go.

1) Never date the same girl twice
Golden rule right here. If it didn't work out the first time, it won't the second. I don't care what happened that caused the split, over the time I promise feelings have been lost and both of you have moved past a point where you can't go back to "the way it was". It just won't be the same and will lead to constant fighting and arguing and the inevitable ending.
2) Never date a friends ex
I'm a strong believer in once one male in the pack claims a female as his, she is off limits to the rest of the pack, even after they break up. Don't let some chick come between you and your bros, not cool. Even if they say it's ok I don't care, they do on the inside, they always will. It hurts, I've been there.
3) Never text more than twice
If she didn't text back the first time, texting her again and again and again will not change her mind. Your come off as clingy/desperate which is a huge turn off. Believe me, text her once, if she doesn't reply then who cares, her loss.
4) Don't string her along
If you don't feel for her, let her know and get out. Don't say something you don't mean and make up some fake reason, let her know you don't have feelings for her and just move on. This one can be tricky because you don't want to hurt the person involved, but it's not fair to either of you making something it's not.
5) Take your own advice
Sometime's the hardest advice to accept is your own. Hear me out about this. Asking for other's advice is good but just remember they don't have to live with the consequences of your actions. No one, I mean no one knows your problem better than you, and you are the best one to solve it. This one is especially hard, I'm still trying hard at it myself.
6) Don't cheat, in any way
If your having a relationship, awesome. But that means you signed the deal that you have this one girl that you are loyal too. You DO NOT want the reputation of the guy who cheats on his girlfriends. If you desire someone else, break up with the current girlfriend before you make your move.
7) You can't make a ho a housewife
If the girl is a slut, you can not change her. I tried this a few times. You can't take a girl that is a known slut and make her loyal to you only. IT WILL NOT WORK. She will go back to her natural ways one day or another. Beside's it's not cool to date a slut anyway, eww.
8) Don't tell them anything you don't want someone else to know
Believe it or not, girls have best friends that they will tell everything too. There is no limits. When she says I will never tell anyone, that doesn't count the one person she will tell everything too. If you tell her your deepest darkest secret, her friends will know and it will get around.
9) Don't over react
Control yourself, no one wants a relationship where every little problem turns into an argument. It will drive you apart from each other faster than anything.
10) Don't try to hard
I like to make it clear that I will only put in as much effort as the other person does, if not slightly less. Putting in too much effort will cause lot's of bad things. She will have the mindset that she doesn't have to try or do anything to have you and that isn't any fun now is it.
11) Be friends with her friends
If you become friends with her friends, it will go a long way trust me. If her friends hate you then they will convince your women that she should just stay away from you. Be careful not to cause any jealousy. Her friends are also a great resource in case you guys are having problems, you can go to her friends for help and It's really helped me out quite a few times.
12) Don't be too sweet
Women don't like guys who treat them like royalty. Sure you can hold door and pay for her lunch, but don't be waiting on her hand and foot solving her every problem and saying so much sweet, romantic things that it gets old and she can't stand it. Keep it to a minimum and make her work for it.
13) Laugh a little
No one wants a guy that so up tight about everything. Don't take everything seriously or anything really. Let her know she can tell you anything and you won't get upset and judgmental.
14) Respect
If you want to do "things" with her and she says she isn't ready. Say you "respect it" and chances are she will end up doing it seeing your different and respect what she says.
15) No texting relationships
I can't stand a relationship where it rely's heavily on texting. Make it a point too see her as much as possible. Your be surprised how many relationships consist of texting all week then hanging out for maybe 2 hours.
16) Don't be conceded
Confidence is a definite must but too much is a huge turn off. Be proud of yourself but you don't have to tell everyone about it. Don't try to show off or do anything out of the ordinary for this girl. If she likes you, make sure it's the real you.
17) Play it cool with breakups
Understand that at some point you will be broken up with, just remember the best thing to do is NOT REACT. The best revenge is just going oh ok, and not caring. It will drive her crazy realizing that you don't care that she isn't in your life and she'll come running back.

Here's some other stuff I picked up on. There are some serious red flags that I figure I should warn you about. I would watch out for these common things, it's never a good sign of anything.
1) She never seems to text you back, but when you see her she always has a phone in her hand.
I've had a few women like this. It's not a good sign. You should be the one getting the attention. If she's texting a ton of other people but never you, and she claims she "doesn't have her phone on her" then she's full of it. My money is on that at least a few of these people that she's texting so much that she can't put her phone down are guys, be worried.
2) Friends with more guys then girls
They like to say it's "because guys are lest dramatic" but in my experience it's been more of the case where no girls like her because she's so slutty and all the guys like her cause they can get anything they want.
3) I love you as a friend
Welcome to the friend zone, it's can be rather easy or rather hard to break out of. All depends on the girl. But when you see this sign of the friend zone you need to make a move or back completely out.
4) Always talks about her guy friends
If she's so happy that she has all these great times with other guys, normally one specific guy friend in general she always talks about, that she has to tell you all about it then there's a problem. You need to keep a eye on her or lay down the law.
5) Talks about sexual things to quickly
You got your self a slut. If she starts talking about stuff she wants to do early in the relationship then she's probably done it with plenty of guys in the past and can't wait to do it more. Especially if there odder kind of things which in my book means that she is no longer satisfied by regular stuff, she wants something different.

1) She always stares
If you catch her staring at you every time you turn your head then she obviously have a attraction. If you want to cease the moment I would walk up to her and say in a joking way "you have a staring problem hmm?" and laugh it off with her and move from there.
2) She texts you first
If she texts you first, then she is obviously wanting to talk to you and have a conversation, rather than you texting first while she just might be tolerating you.
3) She doesn't look at you
Weird as it sound, yes if she can't look you in the eye believe me it's not because your ugly. It's because when she looks at you she gets really nervous and starts to blush so she always tends to look down and too the right or left (mostly right).
4) She always talks about other guys
Yes she made be taking but more than not she's trying to test you and gauge your reaction. She figures if you care you will react in such a way when you hear she is taken. Just play it cool and don't react, make her keep trying for you.
Personal Rules

1) Be happy single
I used to always crave a relationship and to be with somebody but I figured out how to fix it. You need to learn to be happy being alone. You need to realize that you are going to be happy no matter who is or is not in your life.
2) Never get your hopes up
The more you get your hopes up, the more you will be disappointed. Just set your expectations low, then if things do end up happening, then what a pleasant surprise.
3) Don't care so much
Caring is good but when you care too much it will interfere with your happiness, and we don't want that now do we?
4) Follow your gut
Most the time your gut instinct is correct. Not kidding. I had the gut feeling for some odd reason I couldn't explain that there was someone else at one point with my ex. I just hid the feeling and later she broke up with me and her friend told me that there was someone else. Your gut isn't stupid.
5) No regrets
Go after something when you have the feeling. For example, there was this one friend of a friend that I had a little crush on from the first time I saw her, I never made a move and I regret it ever since. I haven't seen her and I always wonder what we could have been. Don't let the chance slip away the worse they can do is say no.

Well let me know what you guys think, all of this is just my opinion. Let me know if you agree or disagree and just how you feel. Maybe you have some rules to add to the list. Oh, and I haven't had the chance to proof read this post, if you find a errors point them out, I'll fix it up.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to make long distance relationship work

1. Regular Communication. With the likes of Skype and G-Chat we have finally reached theJetson era where you can actually talk to someone and see them — for free! If you are in a LDR, you must frequently take advantage of this, but it should not feel like a chore. It must be natural, with a yearning to hear from your beloved and share your experiences that occurred during the day. You can even have fun by sending random texts letting your beloved know just how special they are to you, or that you were thinking of them.
2. Have an End Date for the LDR. An LDR should not be indefinite… This can and will be trouble eventually. It’s best to know that the current situation is not permanent and there should be a goal in mind as to when the torture of the LDR will end and the two of you will be reunited in the same area code.
3. Plan Regular Visits. My suggestion is to not stay apart for more than 30 days. Each time you see each other, make sure you have already planned the next visit. It gives you both something to look forward to and prevents you from feeling that “this is the end” after each visit. More importantly, it keeps the relationship alive and keeps it from becoming an “imaginary relationship.”
4. Trust is King. This is a hard one because trust requires a vulnerable willingness and often takes time to develop. However, the truth of the matter is that you have no other option but to trust the person you’re with if you are going to choose to be in an LDR. Without this, an LDR is fruitless. To assist with this, communication is key. You must speak up when something is bothering you.
5. Beware. If you have a propensity for cheating, stay away from LDRs. In fact, stay away from dating for awhile and really work on this characteristic of yourself. Cheating is not cool.
6. Be Creative. Find ways to let your special someone know that they mean the world to you. Whether it is sending them a bouquet of flowers, a handwritten note or a care package, here’s your chance to make the weakness of distance a strength and capitalize on being romantic.

Do and Don't in Flirting

5 Do’s in Flirting

1. Smile. Nothing lets a person know you’re picking up what they’re putting down better than a smile. If you’re happy, he’s happy!
2. Make eye contact. Making and maintaining eye contact shows a guy you’re focused, confident, and interested in what he is saying and doing. The eyes tell all.
3. Flatter. There’s no clearer indication that you have a romantic interest in someone than a compliment.
4. Take charge. Take the conversation where you want it to go. If you expect him to call, give him your number. If you want to call him, ask for his.
5. Act gracefully. If he’s unavailable or uninterested, maintain your poise and just pretend you never started flirting in the first place.

5 Don’ts in Flirting

1. Don’t make it too obvious. Be subtle, but get your point across. You don’t have to be over-the-top; subtle indications are the most effective way to let him know that you’re attracted and interested.
2. Don’t stare. It’s important to let the person know you’re interested, but it’s equally important not to make him uncomfortable.
3. Don’t overdo it. A simple compliment will advance your efforts much further than a fabricated pickup line.
4. Don’t flirt with others simultaneously. It will confuse a man and bewilder him if you’re flirting with him and others at the same time. Keep your eyes on the prize.
5. Don’t feign interest. For men, flirting is often realized in hindsight. If you flirt and then act uninterested, he won’t pursue you. Keep your signals consistent.